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Full Text - Title 45 - U. S. Code Sec. 151-188

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151. Definitions; short title.

151a. General purposes.

152. General duties.

153. National Railroad Adjustment Board.

154. National Mediation Board.

155. Functions of Mediation Board.

156. Procedure in changing rates of pay, rules, and working conditions.

157. Arbitration.

158. Agreement to arbitrate; form and contents; signatures and acknowledgment; revocation.

159. Award and judgment thereon; effect of chapter on individual employee.

159a. Special procedure for commuter service.

160. Emergency board.

161. Effect of partial invalidity of chapter.

162. Authorization of appropriations.

163. Repeal of prior legislation; exception.

164. Repealed.

181. Application of subchapter I to carriers by air.

182. Duties, penalties, benefits, and privileges of subchapter I applicable.

183. Disputes within jurisdiction of Mediation Board.

184.System, group, or regional boards of adjustment.

185.National Air Transport Adjustment Board.

186. Omitted.

187. Separability.

188. Authorization of appropriations.

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