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Full Text - Title 45 - U. S. Code Sec. 151-188

- Railway Labor Act - Online RLA Section Index and Alphabetical Index -

(Railway Labor Act Alphabetical Index)


151. Definitions; short title.

151a. General purposes.

152. General duties.

153. National Railroad Adjustment Board.

154. National Mediation Board.

155. Functions of Mediation Board.

156. Procedure in changing rates of pay, rules, and working conditions.

157. Arbitration.

158. Agreement to arbitrate; form and contents; signatures and acknowledgment; revocation.

159. Award and judgment thereon; effect of chapter on individual employee.

159a. Special procedure for commuter service.

160. Emergency board.

161. Effect of partial invalidity of chapter.

162. Authorization of appropriations.

163. Repeal of prior legislation; exception.

164. Repealed.

181. Application of subchapter I to carriers by air.

182. Duties, penalties, benefits, and privileges of subchapter I applicable.

183. Disputes within jurisdiction of Mediation Board.

184.System, group, or regional boards of adjustment.

185.National Air Transport Adjustment Board.

186. Omitted.

187. Separability.

188. Authorization of appropriations.

Alphabetical Subject Index to Key Railway Labor Act Provisions

agreement to arbitrate
airline carriers - Railway Labor Act jurisdiction

airline employees - Railway Labor Act jurisdiction
airline system boards
annual report to Congress - National Mediation Board
annual report to Congress - National Railroad Adjustment Board
arbitration - grievance, airline employees
arbitration - grievance, railroad employees
arbitration - interest, awards
arbitration - interest, process
arbitration - offer by National Mediation Board

carrier records - access to by National Mediation Board

carriers by air - RLA jurisdiction
carriers by railroad - RLA jurisdiction
certification of representatives by National Mediation Board
chairman - National Mediation Board

changes in rates of pay, rules or working conditions - limitations

changes in rates of pay, rules or working conditions - notices

coal - mining, preparation, handling - effect on RLA jurisdiction
collective bargaining - rights under Railway Labor Act

commerce - defined
common control with carrier - effect on RLA jurisdiction

conferences of representatives
conferring with management during working hours

contract of employment includes RLA sections 152 third, fourth and fifth

contracts with employees - filing with National Mediation Board

craft or class of employees - majority to determine representative

delegation of authority - National Mediation Board
divisions of National Railroad Adjustment Board

dues check-off

duty to confer on disputes

duty to settle disputes
elections - rules set by National Mediation Board

electric railway - effect on RLA jurisdiction
emergency boards - commuter railroads
emergency boards - generally
emergency boards - National Mediation Board determination of statutory conditions

employees or subordinate officials
enforcement of grievance arbitration awards - railroad industry

express company
freedom of association

general duties under Railway Labor Act
general purposes of Railway Labor Act
impeachment of interest arbitration award

interference with organizing - freedom from under Railway Labor Act

interpretation of mediation agreement - National Mediation Board

interruption of commerce

judicial review of grievance arbitration awards - railroad industry

labor emergency - proffer of mediation services by National Mediation Board

mail - transporting - effect on RLA jurisdiction

mediation services by National Mediation Board
National Air Transport Adjustment Board
National Mediation Board - functions
National Mediation Board - institution
National Railroad Adjustment Board - divisions

National Railroad Adjustment Board - generally
National Railroad Adjustment Board - rules

notices of manner of settlement - posting requirement
ownership or control by carrier - effect on RLA jurisdiction

Public Law Boards
quorum - National Mediation Board
reconvening arbitration board

referee - railroad arbitration neutral

refusal of NMB offer of arbitration

representation investigations by National Mediation Board
representative - defined

representatives - designation by parties

right to organize and bargain collectively
right to quit service of carrier

secret ballot - National Mediation Board discretion

section six notices
settlement of disputes - prompt and orderly

Special Boards of Adjustment
Surface Transportation Board - roles regarding RLA jurisdiction

status quo requirements
termination of conferences for ten days

trucking service - effect on RLA jurisdiction
union security agreements
violations of Railway Labor Act

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